Oefenstukjes Sopranen

He’s Mine All Mine

I’ll weep no more, it’s time to rise and shine,
Wipe the tears from my eyes, He’s mine all mine,
I’ll weep no more, I’ll hold my head up high,
I have no more to cry, He’s mine all mine…..

All my cares are gone, all my trials to be past,
When He passes by, I would want to cry,
Hold my head up high, Looking towards the sky,

He’s mine all mine, Oh yes, He’s mine
I’m in love with Him, He’s in love with me….

I Look to the hills, from whence cometh my help,
My help, cometh from Him,
He made the heavens so high.
He made the earth so low.

The moon, the stars, He makes them shine,
So cry no more, wipe the tears from your eyes
If you open your heart, He’ll come in,
Confess your sins, He will take you in,

He loves you too, He loves you too,
If you let Him in, You can say with me…..

He’s mine all mine, Oh yes he’s mine (3x)
He’s mine all mine……all…..mine…..

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